I finally got to see Lindsey Abudei perform live!!

Anyone who in knows me,  knows I’m a big fan of Lindsey and when I heard she was going to perform live this past weekend, I prayed, fasted and hoped that I’d make it to the event and thanks to God, I was amongst the crowd at Omenka Gallery, the  venue of her event.

Neo soul artiste Lindsey Abudei

I remember the first time I heard her music. I was so in awe and when I heard that she was a Nigerian, I simply couldn’t believe it. But since then, I’ve kept up with her music. From her 2013 EP Brown, to her more recent debut album …And the Bass is Queen, Lindsey’s music has always been a favorite of mine.

Lindsey thrilling the crowd at her show

But one thing was missing; I had never seen her perform live. As someone who appreciates the art of music, I always wait to see a musician perform live before I start singing their praises and I desperately wanted to do the same for Lindsey but I hadn’t seen her live.

And so, yesterday evening I found myself at Omenka gallery in Ikoyi waiting for the chance to see Lindsey and the P4 quartet do their thing. Not every musician would pick a gallery as a venue for a concert so I already knew the audience was in for a treat. Lindsey and her team sure know how to create a warm ambience. The gallery was transformed into a comfortable place with cushions and throw pillows.

The Ambience at Lindsey Abudei’s show was super comfy

Kicking off the show, the P4 quartet thrilled the audience with some beautiful pics of music (why haven’t we heard of them before?) apparently, they were formed recently but this didn’t show. I’m looking forward to seeing much more of them.

Lindsey’s performance was what I expected and more. Drift Away, I Apologise, Libra Man, Freedom and I, Out the Magazine all my favorite songs were performed and the way she interacted with members of the crowd was just amazing.


I also think Lindsey’s greatest strength is her voice and she put it to good use that day. Now I can rest. Now I can sing Lindsey’s praises. I finally got to see one of Nigeria’s top musicians perform live.


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