Forget Wizkid and Olamide, Kiss Daniel is the top Nigerian musician of 2016

In a year where the likes of Wizkid, Phyno and Olamide are often listed as the best Nigerian musicians of 2016, we often forget that Kiss Daniel also achieved a lot this year.


I recently read an article about why musician and rave of the moment Kiss Daniel may not last in Nigeria’s entertainment industry and I was so surprised by the obvious level of ignorance the writer showed. Now, I know that is the writer’s opinion but when you write an article based on hearsay, the result can often be catastrophic.

Let me say this here. I am in no way affiliated with Kiss Daniel or G Worldwide the record label he is signed to. In fact, I’ve met Kiss Daniel once. When I interviewed him for at Beat FM,’s industry night that held in September this year.

The main reason given in the article I mentioned earlier as to why Kiss Daniel may not last seemed to border around his decision not to collaborate with other acts in the industry. The writer went on to give examples of musicians like Davido and Wizkid who he says owe their success this year to their various collaborations. But let’s not forget that it’s different strokes for different folks. Also, Kiss Daniel has at one point of his career collaborated with acts in the industry.


He collaborated with Davido and Tiwa Savage on the remix of his hit track Woju and he also collaborated with his label mate Sugarboy on several tracks on his debut album New Era. But what good did him collaborating with the so called superstars do him? Instead Woju remix was dismissed by all as a wack song. It didn’t even make his album. So having had that kind of experience, do you expect him to just collaborate with anyone just because he wants to be seen as part of the industry? Of course not! Instead his in house collabo’s with Sugar boy beared more fruit and his debut album is evidence of this.

May I mention that his policy of non-collaboration is working for him? In 2016, he had the most searched Nigerian song on Google (Mama), He won 3 awards at the Headies, Mama was also downloaded 1. 8 million times making it the most downloaded song on music sharing site, His album New Era was nominated in the Best Album category at The Headies award, he is also nominated in the Best Pop Single, Best R&B pop album, and Hip – Hop Revelation categories at the same Headies. He went on a successful tour to major countries and is set to tour Canada in March 2017. Did you see him on Coke Studio Africa? Also, if they were 50 shows in Nigeria this year, Kiss Daniel performed at least 25 of them. Should I continue? I’m sure you get my drift now.


I’m not saying Kiss Daniel and his label have not made mistakes regarding their policy but, the positives of their stance far outweigh the negatives. So instead of criticizing him, maybe it is the ‘industry’ that needs to adopt his policy.


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