How to become a legend like 2baba Idibia in 10 easy steps


Innocent Ujah Idibia aka 2baba is a living legend. And in celebration of this father of many, here are 10 easy steps to having a strong and successful career like him.

1. Be in a boy band


And no, I’m not talking a boy band like One Direction. I’m talking one like Plantashun Boiz that will see you and your bandmate (Blackface) move from Benue State to Lagos in search of greener pastures.

2. Leave the boy band


Now that you have ‘made it’ with your bandmates, you want more. Naturally the next step will be to leave the boyband. You are now bigger than them.

3. Win several high profile awards


Everyone now considers you to be a legend in the making. Now is the time to win every high profile award an African can win.

4. Develop several catchphrases


Whether it is ‘No shaking’, ‘One love’ or “Nothing dey happen”, just make sure people can readily identify you just by hearing you catchphrase.

5. Escape many near-death experiences


How many times has 2baba been robbed? Remember when the men of the underworld shot him in 2007? Or when they attacked his house in Festac in 2005? We can only thank God for his life thus far.

6. Become a father of many/have several baby mamas

Who knew 2baba was a swashbuckler (a man who engages in daring and romantic adventures with bravado or flamboyance) in his spare time? At least, he has something to show from it. He is now a ‘father’ of many.

7. Marry the love of your life


Even though most people now see you as a new school King Solomon, when it comes to marriage, it should be that one girl who was with you from the beginning that should get the ring.

8. Get at least 5 major endorsements


This is a no brainer. How can people refer to you as a legend if no multinational company wants to do business with you?

9. Open a nightclub


Now, you’ve realized music won’t last forever. How about diversifying your interests? Open a club in your beloved Festac or in Ikeja and name it ‘Hearsay’.

 10. Keep hustling


When you have six children (and counting), you should know there is no resting for you. You have to keep hustling!


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