An Ode to the Blocks of Flats in Festac Town


I recently moved back to Festac Town in Lagos after about 7 years away. And in the few weeks i have been here, I’m still trying to come to terms with the changes this once quiet town has undergone. Gone are the days where there where specific parts of Festac where shops and other commercial ventures could be opened. Nowadays, there are bars, hotels, pubs, joints and whatnot in almost every street, avenue and close in Festac town. Why this is so is a story for another day. Despite all my years away, one thing always brought back fond memories of my time in Festac. The iconic block of flats.

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Why you need to say NO sometimes: The Adele Example


Most of us today struggle with saying NO. whether it is to our family members, friends, or business partners, we fear saying the word NO because of how it makes us feel. But in order to live a comfortable life in all ramifications, we just have to learn how to say that 2 letter word.

Superstar musician Adele recently gave an example of how saying NO can do you some good.

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