Taiye Alagbo: the making of another Nigerian viral star


Most Nigerians can still recall with nostalgia the grass to grace story of famous bread seller turned ‘supermodel’ Olajumoke. I think it will interest Nigerians to know that another fairy-tale story is in the offing. This time it’s about a lady who sells local herbs (Agbo). Her name? Taiye Alagbo.

She rose to prominence after she was featured on popular online TV platform Battabox. On that episode, the presenter wanted to know the kind of herbs he could take to increase his sexual performance. Her reply left not only the reporter, but everyone who watched in stiches!

Her ‘unique’ name for some of the herbs were also hilarious AF! Hear her below:

After the initial video, another Battabox reporter BollyLomo also went to interview her. This time he went further by hawking Taiye’s Agbo for some time.

Watch his escapade below

Even Olamide has used the name of her concoctions in a soon to be released song she was featured in.

Bolo J X La Baddo on this one @emperor_bolojay X @baddosneh

A video posted by KING👑 (@aremogucci) on Jun 10, 2016 at 1:13pm PDT


Someone has also set up an Instagram page for Taiye where she posts pics of how she makes her herbs.

I just hope this turns into a better life for Taiye. That aside, would you be trying Ponkrinyon, Sobonton or Faradeyi anytime soon?



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