Why Gala should be in every Nigerian first aid box

For those wondering, this is not an ad for UAC Nigeria makers of Gala. Instead, this article was written with the goal of appreciating a product that has helped thousands of Nigeria keep hunger at bay.

Hungry in traffic? Gala to the rescue!


At least 70 % of Nigerians have eaten Gala while stuck in traffic. No matter if you be butty or pako, Gala has helped keep your stomach from digesting itself because of hunger.

Gala + LaCasera = Bliss!Gala-and-Lacasera1

Need a snack for your kids at school? Gala is it!


In an age where major brands are re-branding, Gala has remained consistent. Instead choosing to undergo minor changes.


Have you ever known Gala to be more that N50?


Even if you have, you must be old as f***! Gala has remained affordable for everyone.

The 3 steps to eating gala


Step 1. Grab the roll.

Step 2. SLAM IT against your knee like shown to open it.

Step 3. Consume.


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