5 inspiring lessons to be learnt from Lepacious Bose’s weight loss story

The internet is filled with beautiful pictures of popular comedienne Lepacious Bose after she lost a huge amount of weight.  While her weight loss journey makes an interesting read, it is also a very inspiring story.

Below are 5 lessons to be learnt from her experience:

You can always change the way you look


Everyone knew Lepacious Bose to be plus size.But little did we know she didn’t like the way she looked. It took a chat she had with her nephew to convince her to make a change.

Being fit is not a chore, it’s a must!


We are in the age of the fitfam. Everywhere one goes, we are being encouraged to lose weight and keep fit. This is no rhetoric or marketing gimmick to sell weight loss products.The age of the ‘beer belly’ is over.

Don’t procrastinate, just do it


Ask anyone who struggles with obesity and they’ll tell you of their desire to lose weight but they just can’t find the time to do so. Yes, the struggle is real but you have to understand that nothing good comes easy.

Tell yourself the truth


Before you can even make the decision to lose weight, you first have to tell yourself the truth.  You have to admit that you are overweight and something needs to change.

Keep working, the result is better than the journey


Loosing weight and staying fit is not easy. If anyone tells you otherwise, please disregard them. The road to having a six pack is tough and filled with obstacles in form of sugary treats and whatnot.


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