Are Wizkid, Davido and Olamide the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Nigerian music?



The obvious answer to this question would be yes.  But if you still doubt this, read what NET chief correspondent Dayo Showemimo wrote about them in his article published on March 11, 2016.

“You don’t need to be a prophet to see how the trio of Olamide, Wizkid and Davido have dominated the Nigerian pop scene in the last 3 years and the fear that their dominance MAY continue for a long time has been expressed is some quarters.

Just so you don’t get bored with ramblings and thoughts of a pundit, let’s call on the NUMBERS to help out (as they say, numbers don’t lie).

Between the 3 of them, they have;

8 Albums

7 Endorsement deals

22 Years of Professional Career

66 Awards

54 Collabos: Between the 3 of them, they have featured on 54 songs in 6 months (Between October 2015 to March 2016)

And of-course they have countless HIT songs to their credit.”

How have these 3 musicians emerged as the top 3 musicians in the country presently? I say it’s down to their recognition of trends, building on those trends and putting in even more than the required amount of work, and strategic thinking has helped Baddo, O.B.O and Starboy claim their place at the top.



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