Nollywood Stars and Their Misguided Musical Careers


All over the world, true entertainers are considered to be those that have the ‘triple threat.’ Meaning they can sing, dance and act. When such an entertainer has these 3 traits, he or she is considered to be well rounded in the industry.

We’ve seen many musicians delve into the acting world. It is easy for them because they already do some form of acting in their music videos. But for actors who want to become musicians, the transition is not that easy.

The misguided musical careers of the celebrities listed below are a testament to this fact.

Saint Obi

This veteran Nollywood actor is the latest to seek out a career in music. He recently established a record label ‘Agwhyte music’ and released 3 singles You & I, Imagine and Sarakute. I’ve been very hesitant about listening to his songs primarily because I do not want to be disappointed. The record his colleagues from Nollywood have when it comes to music is not encouraging me to listen to any of his stuff.

Genevieve Nnaji

Genny puts the B in beautiful. A talented actress and a force to reckon with in Nollywood, it came as a surprise when she dropped a song titled ‘No more.’ We tried to like the song and in all fairness it carried a strong message of women empowerment but the delivery and by this, I mean the person singing the song was not impressive at all. And since Nigerians don’t forget easily I’m sure she still gets shaded for partaking in that ‘stunt.’ Even though she claimed she got paid by a brand to release the song and its accompanying video. Publicity or not, that’s a stunt she should never partake in again.

Jim Iyke

AKA ‘The bad boy of Nollywood.’ Jim has a repertoire of very aggressive love roles under his belt, Naturally one is forced to wander why someone with that kind of reputation would delve into music. This question remains unanswered even as I write this article. His debut single ‘Who am I’ which featured 2face never really captured who he was. The song was more of a rhetorical question and God bless 2face’s heart for jumping on that track but even with all his clout in the musical world, 2baba couldn’t save the 5min long track.

Omotola Jalade

Delectable mother of 4, impeccable actress and humanitarian. Omo Sexy’s list of accolades is plenty but unfortunately, musician is not one of them. She even released an album and her most successful single off the album in my opinion was Naija Lo Wa which was a feel good jam but then that was it. Every other attempt was easily forgettable. In her reality series Omotola: The Real Me, we see her going to some big music studios in USA and also meeting with music execs but none of that has translated into another single. This may not be such a bad thing.

Desmond Elliot

I don’t know why he even considered it. Talk more of actualizing it. The current Honorable representing Surulere in the Lagos House of Assembly once released a gospel song. I even feel he lip synced in the video but I won’t add to his grief about it because he was ‘publicly shamed’ by AY the comedian at a comedy show so I rest my case.

Tonto Dike

The only thing the music business got her was the fact that it made her Nigeria’s most controversial celebrity (term is used loosely) so I guess she doesn’t need a fantastic octave to achieve that feat.


This post originally appeared on writer Callilope’s blog


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